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Starting therapy is often daunting. Lots of questions arise — ‘Will it help me?’ ‘May I feel even more vulnerable?’ ‘Will I become dependent on it?’

Adrienne Baker

A first meeting, when we look at these concerns, helps to ‘demystify’ therapy, to explain what it’s all about and how it works. Together we’ll discuss how it helps to unravel the emotional knots that influence behaviour and spoil relationships.

Therapy is a process that facilitates insight into repeated patterns of self-damaging behaviour and of difficult relationships. It’s a joint endeavour between client and therapist and this relationship, which I ensure is a safe and trusting one, allows emotional healing and the growth of self-esteem.

The background to people’s lives is very important in understanding the sort of difficulties which bring people to therapy.

As well as working in private practice, I am also Honorary Visiting Fellow at the School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology at Regent’s College where I trained psychotherapists for many years. This title was conferred ‘for outstanding academic and clinical contributions to the School’.

I am also a keen gardener. Just as in a garden there may be dark corners inhibiting growth, so it is sometimes in people’s lives. Psychotherapy helps to cut back the emotional tangles and, within a safe relationship, tries to understand the bad feelings, where they’ve come from and to ask why they’re still lingering. Psychotherapy can begin to lighten the shadows.